Im pretty loath to comment about work, as soon as you do you start to narrow down what it can be about, but here are a few thoughts.

The works are attempts at creating forms, colours, shapes, marks, gestures and visual relationships, which are instances of completeness.

I think these works are metaphors for our experiences of being in the world, places, spaces and traces. Communicated in a universal and open visual language, open for direct appreciation. 

I try to work in a way where  surprises are encouraged.

They are nor prescriptive, I don't have a strategy for being an abstract artist, this approach just seems to match what I want to do, how I feel, what I like to look at.

Even though the general look and feel of what I have produced over the last 30 years hasn’t changed a great deal  its never certain where things will resolve or head. 

They are mostly abstract, there may be a vague, distorted reference to the observable visual world.

I think over the last couple of years I have been working towards finding an appropriate creative approach, such that the use of materials, media and techniques fit with how I like to work. This is getting closer, I like to work quite quickly with the ability to make fairly big visual changes across the piece.

Opposites are important: order/chaos, beauty/ugly, curved/angular, loose/tight, large/small, linear/blocked, balanced/unbalanced. I like the limitation of this general approach; I find it satisfying working something out using a restricted visual language. It always generates something new. 

The process of working is organised chaos, I have some general idea of what I want to do, and then work through a series of attacks and engagements, erasing, refining, adding and taking away until something starts to emerge.

 I don’t  ‘think’ too much: the first thing that comes into my head is what I try latch on to as it is usually where I am trying to get to. Thinking too much makes the work contrived and stilted.

I want to develop a greater awkwardness or ‘wonkyness’ in the work in the future. 

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